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Product Highlight:

WS501 Compact ultrasonic weather sensor with solar pyranometer for measuring air temperature, relative humidity, air pressure, wind speed, wind direction, solar radiation.
Indoor Air Quality: Lufft indoor monitoring sensors are simply the best return on investment for long lasting precision for indoor climate measurement equipment.
Solar Energy Project Monitoring: All in one weather stations can be networked with pyranometers to provide a solution for solar energy assessment or project monitoring.
Environmental Monitoring: Lufft all in one weather stations and climate monitoring sensors are easily integrated into monitoring solutions for air pollution, fire prevention, or hydrology.
Building Automation: LEED certified construction and operation require precise automated control systems. Lufft sensors are easily networked for HVAC or outdoor monitoring.
Road Weather Information Systems: Lufft road sensors provide accurate readings of road temperature and freeze point. Visibility sensors and weather stations monitor the ambient climate to help keep the roads safe.
Agricultural Management: Agricultural weather stations by Lufft guide farmers with planning and irrigation. Low cost dataloggers collection information in one easy network-ready system.
Pharmaceutical Laboratory: Lufft low cost dataloggers and high precision measurement instruments assure the maintenance of a clean, safe and stable laboratory environment.
Wind Assessment Lufft ultrasonic and mechanical anemometers provide precise measurements. Heated sensors provide accurate readings even in the coldest environment.

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